Real Apprentice Field Sales Executive


Are you looking for a job opportunity that will fit around and compliment you? Do you feel that qualifications are creating difficulties in finding worthwhile work or hampering developing or even having a career?

Whether you have qualifications or not, we have a place for you on our “Real-Apprentice” on-the-job Training Programme, allowing you to “Earn-While-You-Learn”. This is an opportunity that will fit with your current life circumstances.

The Opportunity

A Field based Apprenticeship opportunity, available to a limited number of individuals to gain a qualified role in Sales & Marketing with the opportunity to develop a Sales and Marketing career. If you are looking to work AND become qualified in the fulfilling and richly rewarding Sales & Marketing sector, then an Apprentice Field Sales Executive position is the best starting point to begin your Sales & Marketing career.

Our “Real-Apprentice” on-the-job Apprenticeship is a unique training and employment opportunity tailored to suit anyone, regardless of their current circumstances. Unemployed; college graduate, high school graduate or anyone of any age looking for an exciting career change can join us. All you need is to be a committed, highly driven, energetic, goal oriented, and passionate individual.

 Our Offer:

For those ASPIRING FOR A REWARDING CAREER, LCG is offering a unique and rewarding Apprentice Field Sales Executive Programme. This programme allows you to EARN-WHILE-YOU-LEARN.

You gain ACCREDITED CERTIFICATION in Sales and Marketing, whilst earning a handsome monthly income as you develop, grow and build a rewarding career. This includes a contribution, by the company, to the training cost of each Apprentice on the Programme.

This is a short 6 Month Programme – Mandatory Training: dates starting in June (Apprentice contributes towards cost) and on completion you will be a fully qualified Sales Executive, while at the same time having built an ongoing sustainable income and career path for yourself. This includes both in-house and nationally accredited training (CPD) with official exams.

The product that you will sell is critical to any business and its success, BUT one that is harder to acquire on the market than one might think. As part of the LCG Apprentice team, you will be part of a select few, able to make this product easily accessible to anyone running a business and learn about this industry at the same time. The nature of the product makes it self-selling and does most of the work for you. Your job will be to simply put it in front of those who need it, BUT had no idea how to acquire it.

You will have set targets – LCG will give you training and guidelines to assist you. You will work on a flexi-hour plan, planning your own days. Most important of all, you will work within YOUR comfort zone, which will include even the selection of those you approach with the product.

 The Product


  • MPoS (Mobile Point-of-Sale) Device
  • Contactless or Chip and Pin
  • Bluetooth connectivity – No wires required
  • Equipped with NFC, Bluetooth and an integrated Li-ion battery

This product has a HUGE market opportunity and income for you.

The Market

The product can be sold to ANYONE who is running a business such as vendors, corner shops, retailers, schools, logistics companies, delivery shops, taxis, to name a few.

Customer Costs

  • No Monthly costs
  • Per transaction processing fee
  • Payouts daily/weekly/monthly (customer choice)
  • Minimum 3 days after transaction date

 Sales Income

Minimum OTE (On-Target-Earnings): £60 – £100 per day (No Earnings cap)*

Payment Cycle: Weekly (1 week in arrears)

*Core Product only and based on the working hours/days set by you

Income Matrix

Core Product:

Sales Phase: Day 1 / Month 1 – Onwards

Income per sale: £20.00

Guideline Minimum Unit Sales: 2-3/day

Daily Income (Minimum Guideline Sales): £40-£60/day

Add-on Products:

Sales Phase: Month 2 – Onwards (up-sell Conversion of 60% of Core Product customers)

Up-sell Unit Sales:1-2/day

  1. Month 2: Logo/Business Identity: £15/sale
  2. Month 3: Domain Services: £15/Sale
  3. Month 4: Starter Website: £15/Sale

Income Graphic (4 Months):

Core Product:              (1 Sale/day / 5 sales/week / 20 sales/Month)

Up-sell Products:         (based on 60% conversion of Monthly Sales – 12 sales/month)

“Real-Apprentice” Monthly Income Minimums

Recurring Income (100% Conversion of your total customers onto recurring income matrix) Sales Phase: Month 6 – Onwards

 Minimum Skills / Experience Required

  • Good and clear spoken communication
  • Patience and tenacity
  • Outgoing personality and able to build and maintain relationships
  • Comfortable dealing with all levels of people, whether familiar or unfamiliar
  • able to convince
  • imaginative mind
  • quick ability to match what you have with situations you encounter
  • Driven/Self Starter
  • Ambition gain new knowledge, grow and excel further in the Sales field (experience)
  • Ambition to learn, grow and succeed in the Sales field (no experience)
  • Ability to work unsupervised and manage own time
  • Ability to prioritise
  • Basic Excel/Word and computer skills

“Real-Apprentice” Trainee Programme:

The LCG Apprentice Programme is comprised of 4 modules across 4 months. The training will be delivered through Trainer led, online Live Classroom and video slides (for each module). The training will teach you everything you need to understand about Sales and Marketing including:


Module 1:

  1. the creation and managing of lasting customer relationships;
  2. what an anchor product is and how this feeds into creating a customer relationship;
  3. how your products tie into lasting customer relationships;
  4. upselling – what this is; its importance to you and your income stream; and how it ties in with your customer relationships and why managing customer relationships is essential;
  5. how you use an anchor product and the customer relationship it forms, to create a repeat customer and repeat business/sales;
  6. impulse customers, their value and importance to a your customer immediately and in the long-term; how to explain it to your customer and how this links to the anchor product you are selling and therefore the importance to you to be able to communicate this to your customer;
  7. Why cash is no longer king;
  8. Understanding and clearing the idea that cash is the only way to manage how to keep the tax man under control;
  9. personal goals and target setting and guidelines and markers to use;
  10. how to manage your time, have a good work/life balance and use your time effectively and efficiently to maximise what you want with the least effort;
  11. how to manage your income and plan for the future.

Module 2:

This will go into you upselling products and understanding them and how they fit into your product mix. This will include:

  1. the products you will be upselling;
  2. the order in which you would sell them and the reason for this approach;
  3. the timing of the upselling of each product, the reasons why, as they relate to the customer and you.
  4. How the areas covered in (3) above feed into and builds the relationship between the customer and you.

Module 3:

This will focus on you and your personal grow; your development and your understanding regarding how the work you will have put in to this point, will translate into a safe, secure and sustainable future and income for you. This will include:

  1. understanding that all money earned is not all money available to spend;
  2. understanding what a budget is and what you consider when budgeting;
  3. understanding saving and the importance of saving and why you should save;
  4. understanding how to grow your savings;
  5. understanding the best uses of your savings which carry no risk but will grow your money and look after you (and your family) long after you are unable to work.

Module 4:

This is a REWARD module, which will tie all the above modules together and give you the reasoning and value of the modules you have completed. This module will set your life path and stability and is the reward for the work you will have put in for the 6 months to this point.

There are no exams, just short quiz to ensure you have understood the modules undertaken and are ready to proceed and use the knowledge gained. Your real test will come through real-world use of the training you have taken and the results when put into practice.

Training Outcome:

On completion of training you will have:

  1. Nationally accredited training (CPD) with official exams and certification.
  2. Certificate confirming all your on-the-job training and how it translated through your work, at the end of the Programme
  3. A permanent job offer.

Company Provided to All Apprentices:

•  Earn While You Learn (Immediate uncapped Income as you train)
•  Company contribution towards training cost
•  6 Month Internship position
•  Complete Field Sales Training (Real-time Live Trainer Led Online Classes)
•  Complete CPD Training (Real-time Live Trainer Led Online Classes) and Exam preparation (Exams will be online with CPD accredited examiner)
•  Training Tools; Training Aids and Support material; Real-time Live Apprentice Support
•  Work Management Tools
•  Sales Aids and Support Material with Real-time Live Access Sales Support (Video; Phone; Live Chat)

Apprentice Field Sales Executive Position:

Employment Type: Field Based
Income: Commission
Commission: £20 per Sale
On Target Earnings (OTE): £300 – £800 per week
Working Hours: Self Set (Minimum 5 hours per day Excluding Training)
Probation: 3 Months
Supervision: 3 – 6 weeks (Direct Trainer Supervision – Progress dependent)
Field Team Assignment: Assignment to a local team manager for, in person management and mentorship (on satisfactory completion of Supervision period)
Sales Training (Month 1 – Day 1): 1 Day Online Live Training Class Session (Scheduled date and Training group provided to you within 2 weeks of Offer Acceptance – That date will be your work start date)
CPD Sales and Marketing Training & Certification (Month 6): 1 Month Online Live Session Classes – Final Exam taken Online with CPD
Training Support Material and Work Tools: Personal Training and Work Management Portal; CRM (Client Management) Cloud Service; Business Answerphone service; all maintained and paid for by the Company
LCG Contribution to Apprentice’s Training Programme Cost: £250.00
Permanent Qualified Position Offer: Certified Sales Executive (CPD Training to have been completed successfully)

Mandatory Training forms an integral part of the Apprentice Programme, with LCG contributing to this cost, for every Apprentice. The total cost of Training an Apprentice, inclusive of CPD exams, is £349.95.

The Apprentice only pays £99.95 towards the total training cost. The training and qualifications are yours for life. This token contribution towards the total cost of your training is your commitment to your future and ensuring you commit to completing the program.

Only proceed if you are sure this is for you and you have the commitment, disciple and ambition to complete the Programme. If not, please allow someone who really wants the opportunity, to have a chance for a place.

It is important to note that a key skill for this position is the ability to understand and follow processes and instructions and this starts with completing your Offer Acceptance process. You will have noticed that there are NO Formal assessments or tests for this position. This is because the Acceptance Process is set as your first Assessment.

Complete the Registration process below:

• Click the “Register Now” Button below and complete the Apprenticeship Registration
• Complete payment towards your training – £99.95
• Register for and Login to your Apprentice User Area:- information on the next steps and when these will follow will be found here.
• You will be notified of your Training date and group within 14 days of completing this process, through your Personal Apprentice User Area. This date will also be your Work Start date.
• The date provided will allow you 2 weeks notice, from the day you receive the notification, to make the necessary arrangements to be available for the Training day.

*We challenge you to find a similar Training Programme, cheaper than this, with the added benefit of a job included


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