Experienced Field Sales Executive (Team Leader)


Are you a Seasoned Field Sales Professional, looking for a new challenge and a chance to progress? Do you believe that you have the experience and capability to sell ANY product? Are you able to show and teach others how they can attain your skill level?

If the above speaks to you, then you are the individual we are looking for to join our team.

The Opportunity:

A Field based Field Sales Executive (Team Leader) opportunity, available to a limited number of individuals. You would be managing and mentoring our on-the-job Apprentice teams. This role will be within your daily Field Sales activities, enabling your to Earn While You Train and Mentor our Apprentices. You will be developing and influencing keen and eager recruits, with the satisfaction of knowing that you are instrumental in building careers and changing lives.

The Apprentices under you, will be undertaking a 6 Month Training Programme. It will include both in-house and nationally accredited training (CPD) with official exams, as well as on the job training and mentorship through an experienced Team Leader.

The product you will be selling is critical to any business and its success, BUT one that is harder to acquire on the market than one might think. As part of the LCG Apprentice team, you will be part of a select few, able to make this product easily accessible to anyone running a business and learn more about this industry at the same time. The nature of the product makes it self-selling and does most of the work for you. Your job will be to simply put it in front of those who need it, BUT had no idea how to acquire it.

You will have set targets as a Team Leader and will also be expected to ensure that your team is able to meet their own individual targets. You will work on a Flexi-Time plan, planning your own days. Most important of all, you will work within YOUR comfort zone, which will include even the selection of those you approach with the product.

Our Offer:

Your Training and Mentorship role will reward you with:

  1. Uncapped Sales Commission on your sales
  2. Team Leader override commission on the global sales of your team (uncapped)
  3. Weekly Team Leaders allowance (Cover costs of Team Huddles and other team related expenses)

The Product


  1. MPoS (Mobile Point-of-Sale) Device
  2. Contactless or Chip and Pin
  3. Bluetooth connectivity – No wires required
  4. Equipped with NFC, Bluetooth and an integrated Li-ion battery

This product has a HUGE market opportunity and income for you.

The Market

The product can be sold to ANYONE who is running a business such as vendors, corner shops, retailers, schools, logistics companies, delivery shops, taxis, to name a few.

Sales Income

Minimum OTE: £100 – £160 per day (No earning cap)*

Payment Cycle: Weekly (1 week in arrears)

*Core Product only and based on the working hours/days set by you

Income Matrix

Core Product:

Sales Phase: Day 1 / Month 1 – Onwards

Income per sale: £20.00
Guideline Minimum Unit Sales: 5-8/day
Daily Income (Minimum Guideline Sales): £100-£160/day

Add-on Products:

Sales Phase: Month 2 – Onwards (up-sell Conversion of 60% of Core Product customers)
Up-sell Unit Sales: 3-5/day

  1. Month 2: Logo/Business Identity: £15/sale
  2. Month 3: Domain Services: £15/Sale
  3. Month 4: Starter Website: £15/Sale

Income Graphic (4 Months):

Core Product:              (1 Sale/day / 5 sales/week / 20 sales/Month)
Up-sell Products:         (based on 60% conversion of Monthly Sales – 12 sales/month)

Company Provided to All Field Sales Executives (Team Leaders):

  • Immediate uncapped Income
  • Team Leader uncapped override commission on Team sales
  • Company contribution towards team daily running costs
  • Work Management Tools
  • Sales Aids and Support Material
  • Real-time Live Access Sales Support (Video; Phone; Live Chat)

Field Sales Executive (Team Leader) Position:

  • Employment Type: Field Based
  • Income: Commission
  • Commission: £20 per Sale and 5% Override commission on Team sales
  • Minimum On Target Earnings (OTE): £600 – £800 per week (excludes override commission)
  • Working Hours: Self Set and based around your team (Minimum 5 hours per day Excluding Training)
  • Probation: 3 Months
  • Training Support Material and Work Tools: Personal Training and Work Management Portal; CRM (Client Management) Cloud Service; Business Answerphone service; all maintained and paid for by the Company

Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum 2 years field sales experience
  • Experience in any (door2door; Charity donation canvassing; financial services products or equipment; mobiles; vehicles; leisure; telesales (outbound)
  • Cold lead/cold call sales experience and Cold lead conversion experience
  • Lead generation experience
  • Ability to prove a minimum commission income (payslips/invoices/bank statements)
  • Own transport / ability to commute
  • Own SMART phone/device (phone/tablet/laptop) with data accessible
  • Own computer or computer accessible
  • Basic computer skills (Word / Excel / Email)

It is important to note that a key skill for this position is the ability to understand and follow processes and instructions and this starts with completing Application process. There are NO Formal assessments or tests for this position. This is Application Process is set as our first Assessment. Proceed and complete the Application process below:

For more information, email us at: