Who We Are

Having been a startup, LCG are well aware of the difficulty in navigating what is required to setup a new company to be ready to trade. We provide expert services which can get your new business off to a flying start. Our clients can easily setup a Limited company online using our online company manager. We also provide other services which can complement your new business. We provide a total holistic business package that ensures that your company starts off like star that you envision it to become!

Our services provide a platform to maximise the chances of your company become a real success by providing our first timers a complete solution that includes your new company, business bank account, accounting software and a beautiful starter website all in one package! Now who can beat that!

Our team have a vast amount of experience with over 100 years combined industry experience in company formation and secretarial services.

We understand that any business can provide a service but it’s the people behind the company that make the difference. We are focused to bringing you the best service at a price that’s affordable.

If you would like to get in touch with us today you can contact us here (link to contact page) or feel free to browse our website.

LCG, in partnership with other brilliant companies, have developed a one stop shop to provide new businesses with EVERYTHING required to become operational immediately.

What we do

LCG has developed what we call a BUSINESS IN a BOX solution. This is a single website where you can register and setup EVERYTHING you need as a business, to be ready to trade once you complete the registration process. The entire process is completed online on this site.

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Why Choose Us

LCG is the first and only provider to offer a solution of this type. This solution as seen here cannot be acquired for a single fee in one place. A new business would need to approach at least 5 to 6 different providers, paying each separately at great cost, to have all these services. Each would have to be managed and paid for separately. LCG puts all these in one place with a single one-off fee, lower than the combined fee of each individual service.

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